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Gov. Stitt, hands off our $$

 Gov. Kevin Stitt says when it comes to renegotiating gaming compacts with Native tribes, the state should “call their bluff.” 

Here is the deal, Chief Hoskin and his father Chuck Hoskin Sr. have worked very hard to get there hands on the Cherokee Nation casino money. They already have it allocated to friends and family. They need the money to pay for Chuck Sr. $70,000 company car, Todd Hembree’s, AKA the sexter, $250,000 plus salary, and Bill John Bakers’ retirement. Not to mention paying for all the meddling in the Muscogee Creek election. 

Earlier this week, Stitt indicated commercial casino operators are “very interested” in establishing gambling enterprises in Oklahoma. 

Really? What a surprise that non-Indians want to open a casino. 

He claims he’s talked “personally” with some, and they told him they’d “sign a deal tomorrow” to set up shop, and they’d be so grateful they’d fork over 18 percent in taxes to the state. 

Gov. Stitt, don’t you think you should tax Oil and Gas at a higher rate than you tax the tribes? Oil and Gas are charged a 7% gross production tax. We think Hoskin could live with 7%. Might have to cut out things like trips to Vegas for key council members or funding for Democratic party events.

But that is a win, win!

 How frustrating the news you are looking at commercial casino operators must be to people like Bim Brunner (Kayln Free’s husband). He tried to open a casino on private property and now faces federal charges. All he had to do was wait!

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