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Supreme Court Judge going after Hoskin

A former Supreme court judge is suing for the release of documents connected to the Hoskin Warner campaign. Judge Philip Viles is listed as one of the plaintiffs demanding access to records. Represented by the legal lion, Debra Reed, he and other CN citizens are asking for an audit of Cherokee Futures LLC (aka Pac), a company run by Chuck Hoskin. The case is also asking for documents from the Cherokee Nation Election Commission that discuss or mention the status of Cherokee Future LLC as the financial agent for Hoskin and Warner. 

 Highly respected, Viles was the rock that kept the Nation together during the 1997-1999 constitutional crises. Viles is once again facing the same opponents that almost took down the Nation. What is going to make things interesting is Cherokee Futures is an LLC incorporated under Oklahoma, not the Cherokee Nation. The CNEC responded that there were no documents to disclose…shocking

This is a case to keep your eye on.

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