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Muscokee are infected by Free & Brunner

Kalyn Free the Plague

The Muscogee (Creek) Nation has every reason to be angry with the Cherokee Nation. We have taken a plague and sent it their way. 

Reports of election fraud have become commonplace in Cherokee Nation elections. Our Cherokee Nation tribal councilors have done nothing to rectify ballot harvesting and voter fraud. However, the Muskogee Creek take their elections seriously and this election cycle they have been infiltrated by Kayln Free and her husband Bim Stephen Bruner. Kayln is up to her old tricks. She recently attempted to get her husband, Bruner, elected Chief of the Muscogee Nation, using methods that helped elect the last two Cherokee Nation chiefs (Baker and Hoskin). Free and Brunner improperly solicited and collected absentee ballots from voters.

 Ballot harvesting is against Muscogee elections laws. However, harvesting ballots was not enough. Free and Brunner also violated Chapter 12 of the Muskogee Creeks election code, which prohibits offering anything of value in an attempt to influence voters. Free and Brunner bribed registered voters with the University of Oklahoma football tickets. 

Bruner was arrested in August 2017 in connection with a raid conducted on Embers Grille, a restaurant and dance hall located on his family’s allotment in Broken Arrow near the Creek Turnpike and 129th East Avenue. The facility, affiliated with the Kialegee Tribal Town, allegedly had more than 100 unlicensed gaming machines and was twice denied a gaming license by the National Indian Gaming Commission.

In a lawsuit filed by Lucian Tiger, a candidate for chief, he states, “I have faith that the court ..”. Faith in the court is something the Muscogee have that we as Cherokee Nation citizens don’t have. The Cherokee Nation courts are bought and paid for by the Hoskin and Baker administration. The courts are used for personal vendettas as well as a way to override election fraud committed by “machine” candidates. 

As Natives and neighbors, we should do everything we can to help support the legal process at the Muscogee Nation. Even if we are can’t save ourselves. After all, if we had stopped Kayln Free and held her accountable, she would not be infecting the Muscogee Creek.

#HoskinFreeUsFromFree #MuscogeeSaveYourself #PlagueKalyn

 Bruner hearing

Bruner Arrested

Bruner infecting the Muscogee elections

Kalyn was fined $10,000 by the Federal Election Commission for making excessive salary payments to herself

Federal Court documents-Kalyn Free

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