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Hoskin nominee facing allegations of unethical practice and conflicts of interest

Conflict of interest and allegations of unethical legal practices are surfacing against Tina Glory Jordan, the Cherokee Nation Secretary of State nominee. Numerous allegations have been laid against Jordan and her family that ranges from double-dipping salaries from the Cherokee nation to cattle theft.
Hoskin is quoted as saying that his nomination, “..represents innovation, institutional knowledge, the heart of our Cherokee people, strong leadership, and core values ..” Hoskin said.



Let us take a peek at some of these core values
During the 1999 constitutional crises, Tina was serving a Cherokee Nation district judge. She was removed from this position but continued to hold court.

Tina Glory Jordan was on tribal council from 2007 to 2015. She left the office, and her husband ran, confusing the voters. Rex Jordan has been openly accused of using Cherokee Nation resources, including a hay baler on his and Tina Glory’s personal property. An act which leads to the forced dismissal of two high-level Cherokee Nation employees. A federal crime.

Glory Jordan went on to become the legal counsel for the housing authority as well as a gaming commissioner. Both paid positions at the Cherokee Nation. While Glory Jordan acted as legal counsel for the housing authority, her son was simultaneously employed by the Housing Authority.

But that is not all. While employed by the Cherokee Nation housing authority, Jordan was arrested for stealing cattle. Another federal crime.
He managed to keep his job. Bet you can not guess who his lawyer was and the lawyer for Housing Commission was…
Tina Glory Jordan.

Jordan had not disclosed that her entire family has been benefiting from the Cherokee Nation. Not one but four salaries. Our elders go without food, our youth are buried under a mountain of student debt, and most of the Cherokee people don’t have access to healthcare. The Glory Jordan clan will continue to milk the Cherokee cow..or simply steal it.

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