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Hembree shows bias in FishingHawk Case


To say that Chuck Hoskin uses the Attorney General as a puppet is an understatement. It the most recent ethical violation, Todd Hembree postponed a hearing pertaining to District 8 candidate Jodie Fishinghawk.

Hembree stated that Fishinghawk did not have the required proof (documents) that would provide her with due process. The proof is in the pudding on this one. Fishinghawk and staff confessed to forging 33 absentee ballot requests and voter registration forms.

The Cherokee Marshal Service interviewed 17 citizens that all stated they did not fill out the forms. This is in direct violation of

Title 26, section 38(A).
“..any candidate found to be directly or indirectly interfering or attempting to interfere with the Election Commission’s performance of its duties, or improperly influencing or attempting to influence the Election Commission while performing its duties shall be disqualified..”

Hembree then goes on to state that he does not believe in ambush hearings. How is this an ambush when all parties involved know this is going to happen and what the proof is. The AG’s memo was printed in the Cherokee Phoenix. and Fishinghawk and staff admitted it.

What are the repercussions to this biased move by our Attorney General to a #HoskinWarner supported candidate?

  1. Fishinghawk is not removed from the ballot
  2. She takes votes away from the legitimate candidates.
  3. The second #HoskinWarner Machine candidate Ralph Keen benefits from the chaos
  4. AG ignors a possible federal violation if the ballot requests and voter registrations were actually mailed.

Make no mistake; this was a very calculated move on the part of the AG. That or complete and utter incompetence.

#Time2Resign #HembreeNeeds2Go

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