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Hembree-Impeach or Resign?

Note: this post was amended to reflect the actual amount of miscellaneous expenditures. (see attached law-suite)

We would like to be able to say that Attorney General Todd Hembree has served the Cherokee Nation with admirable distinction and dedication. However, Hembree’s fall from grace started early, and he continues to slide into the mud and muck. The start of his term was marred by sexual harassment. Under the guise of alcoholism, he managed to relocate the women he harassed and keep his job. He is by all accounts a misguided individual who has shown poor judgment. His actions have undermined his standing with the Cherokee People. His recent actions will permanently impair his ability to act as an effective Attorney General. In a long line of sycophantic actions, his most recent should be a call for impeachment. Earlier this week, Hembree concluded that $600,000 in miscellaneous expenses paid directly to a company owned by Chuck Hoskin from his campaign was not a violation of Cherokee Election codes. He went on to allow Hoskin to explain what these extravagant expenses where. Something that Hoskin will most likely not do or will not do until after the election.

Meanwhile, Hembree deferred candidate David Walkingstick to tribal court for allegations of accepting in-kind donations from Cherokees for Change a company he is unconnected with. This double standard has troubled many of our Nation’s citizens. It should come as no surprise that Hembree and his assistant Chrisie Nimmo have donated to the Hoskin campaign. How can the AG be impartial when he has gone so far as to give to a candidate that has ignored the basic principles of fair and free elections. Hoskin has campaigned for the last two years on tribal dollars, he has set up a company in his name to siphon funds from donors and openly lied about his opponents. All in view of the public.

Hembree should resign, with the thanks of those he has blindly served as attorney general. If he does not then it is the moral, ethical and legal obligation of the tribal council to start impeachment.

We deserve better from our leaders.



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