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Elections and Violence in the Cherokee Nation

Not since 1999 has the Cherokee Nation been faced with such volatile and violent elections. Chuck Hoskin’s relentless attack on David Walkingstick is not just below the belt; it is a reflection of Chuck Hoskin and Bryan Warner as men. However, the recent attacks made by Hoskin supporters on our citizens reflects 3rd world country tactics. Make no mistake, the bullying you see during this election will most certainly carry over to employees that are in no position to defend themselves.

The violent conflict surrounding Hoskin is not a surprise as he is nothing but a shadow of Baker, Byrd and his father. Men that lead to a complete breakdown of our constitution that lead to the Constitutional Crisis of 1999. For those that don’t remember those times, they were filled with Federal snipers on the roof of the Bank of America building and fights on the courthouse lawn. History is now repeating itself.

On April 9th, 2019 charges were filed with the police and subsequently the election commission, and the Attorney General’s office for assault and battery committed by Hoskin supporters.

Hoskin supporters attack citizen

Hoskin supporters assaulted Mr. Jimmie “Chooch” McManus because of his open support of another candidate. Hoskin supporters violently attached him leaving open cuts and bruises.

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What is alarming is not just that this happened, but the Attorney General’s office found a way to discredit Mr. McManus and close the case. I guess it should come as no surprise to find out that the Attorney General, Todd Hembree, and the Assistant AG Chrissie Nimmo are donors to the Hoskin Warner campaign. These two might be the worst individuals in this sad tale as they are supposed to be upholding our constitution and are merely exploiting it for their agenda. Impropriety from the AG’s office is just one example of how corrupt the Cherokee Nation is today. Bullying and abuse have become the norm.

Cherokees are warriors, leaders, and role models. We should not suffer at the hands of our leaders. It is time we stand up to these bullies and reclaim our Nation.

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