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Complaint w/ OK Bar Association

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The only thing left to do, is file complaints with Oklahoma State Bar Association and Cherokee Nation Bar association and request that Todd Hembree and Chrissie Nimmo be disciplined. The Cherokee people’s complaints are being ignored and both Hembree and Nimmo donated to the #HoskinWarner campaign creating a conflict of interest.


Repeated complaints have been made against the #HoskinWarner campaign. Investigation into the matter has been half-hearted or non existent. The Attorney General’s Office is suppose to be above politics. Something that is not the case with the current AG and Deputy AG.

In a long line of sycophantic actions, Hembree concluded that $600,000 in miscellaneous expenses paid directly to a company owned by Chuck Hoskin from his campaign was not a violation of Cherokee Election codes.

Oklahoma Bar Association

The Oklahoma Bar Association investigates allegations of unethical conduct against lawyers practicing in Oklahoma. If you believe your attorney has acted improperly, you may file a complaint with the OBA’s Office of the General Counsel. The primary purpose of the lawyer discipline system is to protect the public.

The Oklahoma Supreme Court gives the Oklahoma Bar Association the authority to investigate complaints against lawyers. Funding for lawyer discipline comes from annual dues paid by all state bar members, not by tax dollars.

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