Cherokee Nation Leadership Politics

A side order of sexism..

Thank you Keith Austin for the blatant sexist attack on your opponent Cara Cowan Watts. Pardon us, Dr. Cara Cowan Watts. She has a Ph.D. in engineering. While her discussions on the environment, voters rights and healthcare might seem like Blah Blah to your ears, the message rings loud and clear if you choose to listen.

Just when we thought this election could not get any uglier you produce this. How you managed to design a campaign mailer that was both sexist and did not say anything at the same time is truly impressive. Maybe we need you to mansplain it to us because we can not figure out what you did over the last 4 years. Statements like “Expanded opportunities to pass on our culture and heritage” and “invested more in education” could mean anything from making Indian tacos to buying a notebook. It is truly inspirational that you can let voters know what you did, for 4 years, without actually saying anything.

Just a reminder Mr. Austin, after Arianna Huffington, an Uber director, spoke of how important it was to increase the number of women on the board of Uber, David Bonderman said that would mean more talking. He is no longer with Uber. Maybe the #CherokeeNation voters should take note.

No country in the world has a monopoly on misogyny. They’re all really, really good at it and Indian country excels at it. The Cherokee Nation Attorney General is allowed to sexually harass women, and he is punished? No, the women are moved to different departments.

Treating women as less than or not equal to men is a worldwide phenomenon that’s been super popular for millennia. Women talk too much is casual sexism. We have all heard it. Most of us this week. Mind you we had a man interrupt us 4 to 5 times before we completed what we were saying. We should have saved time and just said, “Blah, Blah, Blah.”

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