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Why Dirty Politics = Bad Leaders

As Cherokees are we perpetually doomed to pick the lesser of two evils? It seems like the last few election cycles we are faced with the same dilemma: we are forced to choose between flawed candidates. We hear people (and ourselves) asking, “Is this the best that we can do?” This election, in particular, appears to be the proverbial, “choosing the lesser of two evils.” How did we get into this situation? Many would say we are merely becoming too Yoneg. We have allowed our leaders into bed with the Democratic party. Something as a sovereign nation we should never have allowed.

The candidate we need to be most concerned about is Chuck Hoskin Jr. He has openly embraced and mastered the art of dirty politics. Many of us were worried that he would not be able to come out of his father’s (Chuck Hoskin Sr.) shadow. Sadly, he has emerged, and with an ugliness, Cherokee politics has not seen before. Candidate David Walkingstick has been the main target of Hoskins vile; however, this evil permeates all aspects of our Cherokee Culture. Hoskin is spreading lines, using elders and worse using Cherokee Nation resources to go after the other candidates.

As Cherokees, we have to reject the negative campaigning—the dirty politics. Of course, that’s not easy, but there was, at least, some sense of dignity between Cherokees a generation ago. We should expect our future leaders to emphasize their virtues first, and focus on what is good for the Cherokee people.

Finally, don’t give in to the “dark side.” Realize that candidates have strengths and weaknesses—they are neither “all good” nor “all bad.” but we are “All Cherokee.”

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