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The Cherokee “Rag” Aka Phoenix

Is the Cherokee Phoenix corrupt and liars? A question we have to ask after the “Truth Report” was printed on April 15th (conveniently before the debate they were hosting). Written by “Staff Reporters”

The Cherokee Phoenix has become corrupt, some may say beyond recovery. It is infested with bad actors. Today’s Cherokee Phoenix, by and large, is driven not by truth, but by agenda. They don’t even feign impartiality as the “Truth” report shows.

Anyone that watched the debate hosted by the Phoenix (click for video) on April 16th can plainly see that that Hoskin and Warner had the questions in advance. Warner did not even bother to look up from his typed out answer!

Can the Phoenix be fixed? No. Not with the current editorial board and staff. They had the trust of the Cherokee public, once. Today they have squandered it.

Cherokee Citizens need to rally on the social media, dig for the facts and publicize those facts, not a narrative – we can restore the honor and legacy of what was once a great paper.

It is time for the Cherokee People to claim back the Cherokee Phoenix.

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