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Fascism has no place in the Cherokee Nation

Recently, Candidate David Walkingstick asked that the U.S. Federal Authorities be called in to see about Wanda Hatfield’s extensive use of tribal dollars to the campaign.
Many asked why? Someone even filed an election complaint against him.
Maybe we should take a closer look at why Mr. Walkingstick made such a request.

Hoskin is quoted as saying ” I have spent my career fighting for Cherokee Sovereignty.” The truth is he has spent the last eight years abusing and hiding under our sovereignty.

Signs of Fascism

  1. Disdain for human rights– Our Cherokee Nation Courts are 100% controlled by Hoskin. They are used to fight political enemies, and judges follow current leadership. Some of the judges openly donate to Hoskin.
  2. Rampant sexism-The Attorney General Todd Hembree sexually harassed women. We was not, and he kept his job. The women were not given time in court or even a voice.
  3. Control mass media– The latest “Truth Piece” from the Cherokee Phoenix is just the icing on the cake. An opinion piece masquerading as an article. The reason you don’t hear more reported in state or local news outlets is simple. The Cherokee Nation spends $Millions on advertising with local TV and print news agencies. These “respectable” outlets are threatened with a decrease in advertising if they say or print anything bad (aka honest) about the Hoskin administration.
  4. Labor power suppressed-Employees are moved to Housing Authority or other “entities” as they are not protected due to right to work laws. A positive-sounding name for the terrible policy. Employees can be terminated without cause.
  5. Obsession with crime and punishment– Hoskin is using the Cherokee Nation courts to punish political opponents, employees that don’t agree with his policies and anyone else that can get in his way. While openly ignoring criminal allegations against not one but two tribal council members. Wanda Hatfield and Rex Jordan.
  6. Rampant cronyism and corruption– There isn’t enough space to list all of the cronyism and corruption. We will just hit on the highlights
  • Using the Cherokee Community Organization to openly campaign. ( check out the latest “Newsletter” ) Hoskin appears over 10 times! Hoskin spent more money traveling to the At-Large events than the combined travel budget of the two At-Large representatives.
  • $6.4 million spent on procuring a casino in Arkansas from campaign contributors. Using the Cherokee Phoenix to attack rival candidates
  • Endangering over 200 Cherokee people and possibly infecting them with HIV and HEP C by looking the other way in order to protect the Chief’s son.
  • Not disqualifying Wanda Hatfield for opening using tribal funds to Campaign.
  • Having the Attorney General threaten rival candidates. Allowing the Attorney General to sexually harass employees.
  • Using the Housing Authority to get rid of employees due to lack of labor laws.
  • Not revealing the bonuses paid to CNB executives and board members, all of which give to the Hoskin Campaign.
  • Cronyism – This list is enormous. The Hoskin Baker families are all hired or paid by the Cherokee Nation as are all of their friends.

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