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Baker Shaw Throwing Shade

The March Rules committee proved to be exciting this month. Starting with David Walkingstick standing up for employees and addressing the climate of fear that is prevalent throughout the Cherokee Nation complex, to At Large council member Mary Baker Shaw throwing shade at the disrespectful head of Human Resources Nason Morton.

About 56 minutes into the meeting, Baker Shaw brings up a previous conversation with Mr. Morton in which Morton stated he would not hand over a document because he did not want too.
Exact words, ” I do not want to.” To be clear this was a job description, a public document.

Watch the video 56 minutes into the meeting

This conversation comes just minutes after Morton told the tribal council that he “Owns” everything in HR. What?

Morton goes on to be condescending to Baker Shaw and tries to dance around the fact that he would not hand over a public document to Baker Shaw. Baker Shaw continues to confront Morton at which point Morton simplies denys having said it. Baker Shaw suggests they take a lie detector test. Morton did not seem to like that idea.

The truth is, many of us have been on the receiving end of Mr. Morton’s vile, and this is a phrase Cherokee Nation employees have heard all too often from him. ” I don’t want to.” It is indicative to climate employees face daily under the current Hoskin administration.

Thank you, Mary Baker Shaw, for standing up for all of us. #BakerShaw #CherokeeWomen

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