Cherokee Nation Leadership Money Pits Politics ᏣᎳᎩ Jail Byrds

TC members that like to Harvest Ballots

Should come as no surprise that the candidates that voted against election reform are the candidates that have harvested ballots in the past and are preparing to harvest ballots now. At the monthly Tribal Council Rules committee meeting, David Walkingstick (Candidate for Principal Chief) brought up election reform. Walkingstick specifically wanted to talk about harvesting ballots. Several Tribal Council members voted to table the discussion INDEFINITELY.

This means they are unwilling to discuss absentee ballot reform to protect our election process, ever. We know it will come as NO SURPRISE that all of these council members are in the pocket of Chuck Hoskin.

We might as well call them Dirty Byrds because they are incapable of thinking on their own and follow Joe Byrd blindly.

Wanda Hatfield one of the current At-large tribal council rep. Hatfield is the weakest member on the tribal council, comes unprepared and consistently vote against the best interest of the At-Large.

Keith Austin-District 14. Wet noodle, will always vote with Byrd and Hoskin. Might be a nice guy but has done nothing in 4 years

Joe Byrd- is the ringleader and most corrupt of the group. Remember the FBI snipers on the roof during national holiday. That is thanks to Joe and the constitutional crises..he caused.

Janees Taylor- an embarrassment to women. Always votes the Byrd line and is one of the largest double dippers on the council. He husband is on the CNB board. They make over six figures combined for doing part-time work. Rumor has it that her brother has his fingers into the housing fund as well.

Bryan Warner-Let’s face it, if Hoskin had not picked him to be his running mate, we would not even know his name.

Rex Jordan- is a close runner up to Joe Byrd regarding immoral behavior. Son was recently busted for none other than cattle rustling. He managed to save his council position while 2 high-level employees were fired for letting him use CN equipment on his ranch (In violation of CN law and maybe federal). To top it all off his wife, Tina Glory Jordan is the lawyer for the Housing Authority (see the connection to Janees Taylor) as well as the Gaming Commission. Making the Taylor’s look like amateurs regarding securing tribal funds.

Canaan Duncan-This guy raised more money in the first two weeks of his campaign than the average per household family in his district. Thanks to all the losers on this list.

E.O.Smith.- History of harvesting and most often votes the Hoskin line but might be the least offensive of the bunch.

Victoria Vasquez- What can only be described as the tribal council “chick” is always the first person they go to propose the most outrageous legislation, the first to table, and the queen of ballot harvesting. Zero possibility of thinking for herself.

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