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Employees Fear for Jobs

Watch the video, Minute 33:00

At the March Rules committee meeting, the Attorney General’s office was questioned about supporters of the Hoskin administration cultivating voter forms and absentee ballot request forms at the tribal complex.

District #3 Tribal Council representative David Walkingstick (candidate for Principal Chief) finally addresses the nature of fear we all live with daily at the tribal complex. About the current Hoskin administration, Walkingstick states, ” Right now we have cultivated a spirit of fear in our Cherokee Nation complex. People scared to death. We need to call it what it is. ” He goes on to say that the current administration is using intimidation tactics to get people to register to vote and to hand over absentee ballot request forms.

Bravo Mr. Walkingstick. Finally a tribal council member that is standing up for Cherokee employees.

If we don’t hand over an absentee ballot request form, we fear for our jobs. Attorney General Todd Hembree proceeds to talk over Councilman Walkingstick showing Hembree’s true nature. One of little respect for fellow Cherokees. Then again what can you expect from a man that got away with sexual harassment of Cherokee Nation employees?

Watch the video
Minute 33:00

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