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Dude really?

Cherokee Nation Chief of Staff and former State Rep. Chuck Hoskin received the Eagle Award from the Northeast Oklahoma Central Labor Council on Saturday.

We can not figure out why. These are the highlights of Hoskin’s career at the Cherokee Nation.

Allowed Bill John Baker’s son to continue to work as a nurse even after Hastings Hospital administration reported that he was reusing needles and potentially subjecting patients to HIV and Hepatitis C.

Took away the Cherokee Promise scholarship that gave funds to the most economically challenged students. To be clear, there was enough month to waste $6.4 Million on gaming ventures in Arkansas. A state that does not allow gaming.

If that was not enough, he did not support Oklahoma teacher pay raises.

Did not show up to work at the Cherokee Nation when the Oklahoma House was in session- six months out of the year.

Hoskin is quoted as saying
“.. We can help rebuild the middle class, right here in Oklahoma.”
What would Hoskin know about the middle class in Oklahoma?

He received a staggering $175, 000 a year for a part-time job at the Cherokee Nation. Combined with his other part-time job, State Rep., he made a total of $225,000 a year!

Here are our main questions. This award was most likely influenced by donations or favors made to the Central Labor Council or members of the council.

At what level are we REALLY playing at?

As a tribe that has a $Billion impact on the state of Oklahoma, who else are they influencing with Cherokee money? What can we expect from #HoskinWarner?

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