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District #1 Rex Jordan Cattle Rustling, larceny..

Tribal Councilors in ReviewCandidate: Rex Jordan
District: District #1
Voting Record: votes only the Hoskin agenda
Attendance: Ok, but do we really want him there?
Primary purpose: To milk the Nation for as much money and resources as possible before retirement
Claim to fame: Participant in the Cherokee Constitutional Crisis

Councilman Jordan is rumored to be the subject of an investigation involving a hay baler that he procured from the Cherokee Nation Natural Resource department. We cannot say for sure the circumstances surrounding Councilman Jordan use of Cherokee Nation equipment. However, there were an awful lot of FBI agents and BIA agents in Tahlequah and at the Cherokee Nation investigating. To keep his position, it looks like Jordan let two top-level Cherokee Nation employees take the fall.

Apple does not fall far from the tree

Between Aug. 29 and Sept. 1. Tribal Councilman Rex Jordan’s son, Drew “Rexy” Jordan was arrested for cattle rustling. Jordan and his 18-year-old stepson Chance Kreb stole eight head of cattle from Kyle Hodges.

According to special agent Jason Smith, “ People steal cattle based around the dope trade. They steal cattle to get quick money to get a quick fix.” There have to be some unusual circumstances for a rancher to steal from a rancher.

The Little Lady
Rex Jordan is married to none other than former tribal council member Tina Glory Jordan. Jordan is paid a full-time salary as an attorney for the Housing Authority. A position created for her under the Baker/ Hoskin administration ($150,000). Mrs. Jordan also holds a spot on the Cherokee Nation Gaming Commission another paid position. Taking Double dipping and conflict of interest to new levels.

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