Chuck Hoskin’s glaring weakness

Hoskins may be the most prominent candidate of our upcoming election, but he did not do it alone. He’s been a catalyst over the last few years from being at every ribbon cutting to wooing the At-Large at the Chief’s annual picnic. In other words, the Cherokee people paid for it.

The tribe has paid him a ton of $$, and he’s still speaking about the same issues that Baker and Byrd were in 1999. Maybe it is time to look at a transformation of the Cherokee Nation. One with fair elections. One where we don’t hire all of our friends/family, one without sexual harassment and one where there is equal pay for equal work.

We don’t understand why Hoskin is setting himself up to makes the same mistakes as his father (Chuck Hoskin Sr.) and his father’s friends(Byrd and Baker). They seem amateurish. There are ways for him to assert issues that have nothing to do with the corrupt environment in which he grew up. He can tout his own vision while respecting those who want to see a leader that is there for the people. He could come out of his father’s shadow and be his own man.

If he’s going to be the PC, he’s got to bring people together and following the Byrd and Baker model is not going to do it.
His campaign slogan should be “If you don’t want Change, Hoskin is the Same”

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