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Featuring- Wanda Hatfield

Over the next couple of weeks, we will review the record of Tribal Council members that are running for reelection.

Candidate: Wanda Hatfield
District: At-Large
Voting Record: votes against the best interest of the At-Large and blindly follows Hoskin and Bryrd.
Attendance: Worst on the tribal council
Primary purpose: Cancel out the vote of the other At-Large council member Mary Baker Shaw.

Hatfield is the weakest member on the tribal council. On the rare occasion, she attends tribal council committee meetings she comes unprepared and always confused. In full disclosure, her husband did have a fatal illness. However, she made no effort to improve her attendance even after he passed.

Hatfield consistently votes against the best interest of the At-Large population she is supposed to represent. She is primarily there to be the antithesis to Mary Baker Shaw. Hatfield is an administrative puppet of the worst kind as she actually knows better and does it anyway. Wanda is like a beat dog trying to please its abusive master. Most recently she voted against election reform. She is aligned with Chuck Hoskin which is alarming in itself. Hoskin, when on the tribal council, not only actively worked against election reform but tried to take the vote away from the At-Large and has aggressively stopped funding and service to the At-Large.

Hoskin aggressively fought to deny At-large voters funding throughout his tenure on tribal council

Hatfield does not even attend the local At-large community meetings in her home town OKC. What might be the most alarming issue about Hatfield is it looks like she is committing voter fraud.

Recently Hatfield posted on Facebook that she voted on a school bond in Vian Oklahoma. Vian is IN JURISDICTION. To be an At-Large tribal council representative you must live outside the 14 county jurisdiction. To vote on a bond measure, you must be a resident of that county.

Could she be registered in OKC and vote in a school bond election? No

Could she be enrolled in Vian and be an At-Large representative or candidate? No

Could she be both? No

It looks like she is either in violation of the Cherokee Nation Election Commission laws or the voter guidelines or the state of Oklahoma’s.

Will be interesting to see if the CNEC looks into this issue.

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