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Closer look at CNEC

The Cherokee Nation Election Commission is appointed by the current administration.

Let us look a little closer at the CNEC attorney Harvey Chaffin who helped have Buel Anglen disqualified as a candidate for District 13 tribal council.

  1. Harvey Chaffin is the attorney for the CNEC
  2. Harvey Chaffin owns Green Country Abstract which does business with the Housing Authority of the Cherokee Nation. Double dipping and in violation of Cherokee Nation Constitution.
    (Page 6 point 3. Hire independent legal counsel as need, who shall not be employed in any other manner by the Cherokee Nation or any agency or enterprise of the Cherokee Nation. See below)
Property owned by Chaffin
  • Hoskin Warner campaign signs are displayed on property owned by Harvey Chaffin – Below is a picture of the Tire Shop across from Speedy’s at Welling Road that is exhibiting campaign signs for…you guessed it, Hoskin and Warner. (page 17, .38 Interference with and improper influences of the Election Commission and Violation of Contribution and Expenditure requirements. See below)

Is this really what the Cherokee people want or deserve? Maybe it is time to call in the Carter Commission. Because there is no way, we can have fair elections when there is so much bias.

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