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Anglen is robbed

In what can only be considered a travesty of justice the Cherokee Nation Election Commission via the CN District Court ruled that Councilman Buel Anglen could not run for the District 13 seat in the 2019 election.

Anglen’s candidacy filing was challenged by Joe Deere, who is also seeking the District 13 tribal councilor post. The filing was challenged under the allegation that Anglen did not meet the constitutional requirement of having sat out a full term, after serving two consecutive terms.

So let us look at the history surrounding this challenge.

“Anglen has served two full terms under the 1999 Constitution, having been elected in the 2007 general election and the 2015 general election,” Deere’s challenge states.

Facts: 2013- Due to redistricting Anglen could not run for two years because the Cherokee Nation Election Commission set up new districts. All orchestrated by none other than Chuck Hoskin.
2015- he was elected to tribal council (District 13)

Unlike the resent ruling that prohibited Bill John Baker and Joe Crittenden from running this is not a clear cut case. Recently the courts ruled, “The Cherokee Constitution should be read as it is plainly written to carry out the will of the people. This constitutional provision could not be more clearly written,” the ruling states. “Once a person has been ‘elected’ for 2 consecutive terms of office, that person becomes ineligible for the next election. There is no room for extension by way of challenge or another event which might shorten the number of days in office. If a person is elected 2 consecutive times, the Constitutional term limit applies.”

The key word is con·sec·u·tive adjective-following continuously. “five consecutive months of serious decline “synonyms: successive,  succeeding,  following, in succession, running, in a row, one after the other, back-to-back, continuous, solid, straight, uninterrupted, unbroken; informal on the trot”shares prices fell for three consecutive days” in unbroken or logical sequence.

Buel Anglen has not been elected to serve consecutively for the same district. This might be different had the CNEC not actually pushed him out of office in 2013, but they did.

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