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#5 Reason Hoskin is not PC material

Conflict of Interest
On tribal council, Hoskin ranted and raved about conflict of interest in the Smith administration. Once SOS he actively supported the hiring of his entire family and the family for all of his friends. His father, sister, cousins all have jobs within in the Cherokee Nation. Hoskin and his father Chuck Hoskin Sr. make over $406,000.00 a year combined.

Most notably he sold land to the Cherokee Nation and profited from it. We fired Chad Smith for allegations of misconduct and abuses such as the infamous Learjet that did not exist.

Hoskins and Baker’s family ghost jobs are costing us more than FIVE AIRPLANES a year! Hoskin alone makes $206,000.00 a year and campaigns on tribal dollars. This comes out of your pocket. Next time a family member is ill and can not get contract health services remember this.

Hoskin is making us dizzy.
Will the Cherokee People stand up for themselves and vote this regime out of office in 2019? #CherokeeElection2019

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