Cherokee Nation Leadership Politics

#4 Reason Hoskin is not PC material

Cherokee Nation Employees & Workers’ compensation
Hoskin is by education a lawyer. Oddly enough, he specializes in labor law. Hoskin admirable represented Cherokee and Oklahoma citizens against large businesses and fought against the right to work laws that allow employees to be fired without cause.

Once appointed to SOS he flipped 360 degrees and actively fought against the rights of Cherokee Nation citizens. He is the lead force behind employee terminations at the tribe and has actively pursued legislation to make it easier to fire Cherokee Nation citizens. If you are watching and paying attention, you will see that Hoskins is not only actively limiting employees rights and bullying employees on political issues. Hoskins and Baker are actively taking large sums of money from the Workers Comp group who makes sure Cherokee Nation citizens hurt at work in our Casinos, and other Tribal businesses lose their jobs, are denied medical coverage to return to work, and are often losing their homes because their protections are denied. We are not even talking about the whistleblower protections which have been gutted!

Check out  One of Canaan Duncan’s largest donors. Also denies Cherokees their worker comp claims.

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