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Reason #1 Hoskin is NOT PC material

Flip-flopping in politics can be deadly for candidates. Changing your stance makes you seem dishonest and calculating. Voters need to be cautious of leaders that change their position on major issues because corruption is lurking in the shadows. Secretary of State, Chuck Hoskin has proven to be a master of the flip.

#1 Elizabeth Warren
Hoskin and Baker took every opportunity to stand next to this democratic leader. They used the funding and resources of the Democratic party to win not one but two elections. Warren has never claimed to be part of an American Indian tribe and Hoskin, and Baker rallied to her side when they wanted the DNC support to take over the Cherokee Nation. When Warren released her disastrous DNA results revealing she did not have ANY Native American descendants, Hoskin became the Democratic leaders most outspoken critics and said Warren had undermined “tribal interests.”
While we agree she undermined “tribal interests” it had nothing to do with her blood quantum and more to do with the DNC’s interference in Cherokee politics.

As citizens we need to ask Hoskin why he and Bill John Baker went to the DNC in 2016 and spent more than $ 1Million reported Cherokee Nation gaming dollars on Hillary Clinton. Tribal Council asked repeatedly for justification. These funds came from our gaming dollars that should have been ear marked for things like elder care and eduction.

Democratic Nation Convention
Attended by Chuck Hoskin , Bill John Baker and Amanda Clinton

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