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Canaan Duncan has friends in High Places

The special election for District 7 is this Saturday. As you head to the polls, there are a couple of things you need to know about Canaan Duncan’s funding.

  1. He raised over $30,000 for his campaign. More than the average household in Adair County.
  2. Newly appointed Cherokee Nation Supreme Court Justice’s wife donated to Canaan’s campaign. Justice Paden ruled Duncan to be an eligible candidate despite the prima facia (at face value) Tribal laws.
  3. CNB Board members and officers ( Deacon Turner, Jerry Holderby, Bob Berry, Tommy Wright, Shawn Slaton) donated.
  4. Kimberly TeeHee from CN Government relations donated twice.
  5. Chuch Hoskin (aka Charles Hoskin ) & Kayln Free donated
  6. Lisa Long- Cherokee Nation Judge Luke Barteaux mother, donated

What happened to separation of power?

Do we want someone with these types of friends in power? (people that made millions off the tribe and never gave back. People accused of opening illegal casinos, and charged with state election fraud.)

Since when did we become an arm of the Democratic National Party?

#Enough, #WeRNotDNC,#ABC

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