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#3 Reason Hoskin is NOT PC material-Freedmen

#3 His stance on the Cherokee Freedmen

A supporter of Freedman citizenship before he was Secretary of State, Hoskin has flipped multiple times since being appointed SOS. This one issue alone might make Hoskin King of the Flip Flop.

Once in office, he did NOTHING to support the freedman and actively worked on the lawsuits to prevent them citizenship. It was not until he decided to run for Principal Chief did he embrace their citizenship. Hoskin has since been instrumental in the rapid registration of Freedman, registering over 1500 since May. In fact, giving them preference over blood Cherokees.

Whether you are for or against the Freedmen having citizenship, we assume all of us agree that the Freedmen should not be used as a political football nor as a voting block to continue draining the Tribe dry of resources and money.

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