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Something is not right in District 7

There have been many posts on facebook about the District 7 election. Timothy Houseberg has compiled a list comparing and contrasting the dramatic donation discrepancy between all of the candidates. (Financials Attached)

Robert Eagle and Frankie Duncan are not taking donations for their campaign and are self-funding.

This is not the case for Canaan Duncan who reported a staggering
$33 thousand in campaign donations.

$15 thousand came directly from officers or directors at Cherokee Nation Businesses. Most notably our non-Cherokee CEO Shawn Slaton.
The most significant contributor was Tribal First. A company out of San Diego that has a history of abusing Cherokee employees and not paying workman’s compensation.

Duncan started raising funds before the tribal council had a chance to even vote on a special election. He started raising funds while he was still a Cherokee Nation employee, showing that Duncan abused his position in the Cherokee Nation government.

According to numerous reports, Canaan or his team of paid “volunteers” fanned out across District 7 to gather absentee ballot requests starting November 2, 2018. Once again this was before the Tribal Council set an election date or even had a chance to vote on a special election.

The election commission and the current administration is making a mockery of the Cherokee election process.

If you would like to withdraw your absentee ballot request. Please click here

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Shawn Salaten 1 (918) 232-2178
Chuck Garrett 1 (918) 844-9340

Financials – Canaan Duncan Robert Eagle and Frankie Duncan

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