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Baker & Hoskin Spending abuses might be worse than we think

Just when it looked as though things couldn’t get any worse for this administration, new accusations of misuses of tribal funds have popped up.
It appears that the $6.4 Million that the tribe paid Baker campaign contributors to lobby for a casino site in Arkansas have been topped off by another $537,000 cash. We need to keep in mind that Arkansas is a non-gaming state and any gaming would require a constitutional amendment.

But we don’t need t go as far as Arkansas to see misspending. We can drive by the tribal complex. Where there is a big beautiful solar vehicle charging station, you can view the one car the tribe purchased. Meanwhile, Baker and Hoskin use the rest as private covered parking. Essentially meaning that the $400k building costs, half of which was given by the Department of Interior is just another perk for Baker and Hoskin. This massive carpark project was supposed to power part of the complex, but no power lines are running to the complex.

Perk Parking

Another wise investment by the administration that takes from our already strained budget.

Citizens are turned away from contract health
People cannot get housing assistance
Youth can not go on trips
no burial assistance
Turning away elders for help

But at least Baker and Hoskin get to park in the shade.

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