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Cherokee Spokesperson Arrested

Amanda Clinton with Cherokee Nation

Fundraiser for Democrats Gone South – CNB VP Arrested for Heavy Drinking
As Cherokee mothers and grandmothers trying to raise responsible young adults, it is disheartening Ms. Clinton admitted to having 4 and 1/2 glasses of wine within 15 minutes of getting behind the wheel and driving intoxicated. This is equivalent to downing an entire bottle of wine and jumping behind the wheel of the car.

Cherokee SpokespersonAmanda Clinton Arrested
Official voice of the Cherokee Nation arrested for DUI

The public face of the Cherokee Nation and adjunct professor at Oklahoma State University was unwilling to accept responsibility for her actions and instead tried to get the case dismissed when she was clearly drunk. As the VP of Communications for Cherokee Nation Businesses and the voice of the Cherokee Nation, we should expect more from someone making $100,000 plus per year. If she did make the poor decision to drive drunk, we expect her to take responsibility for her actions rather than hiding behind her Tribal citizenship.

Ms. Clinton worked really hard to get the charge dropped.  On October 24th, her attorney filed a “Motion to suppress evidence and dismiss charges due to an illegal arrest”. They were basically trying to claim the DUI checkpoint was illegal. That same day, her attorney also filed a “Motion to dismiss for lack of subject matter jurisdiction” claiming Ms. Clinton was Indian, had a Cherokee car tag, and arrested on Indian land


Therefore, the case should be in tribal court, not Tulsa County. Of course, the State of Oklahoma filed a detailed response painting her in a negative light.

Most alarming is that this has been hidden from Cherokee Nation citizens and tribal council.   We should have the right to be represented by someone with enough integrity to stand up and own their actions and not try to hide behind the tribe she is supposed to be representing.

View the evidence below:


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