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Cherokee leaders blaze path forward to address elections failures

Cherokee Nation Voter Fraud


This is a headline from an article about the Eastern Band of the Cherokee Indians (Cherokee leaders chart path forward following the discovery of elections failures).

Seems like a failure in a fair and free election process is a Cherokee thing. Recently the EBCI had issues with alleged ballot tampering and security lapses during their 2017 elections. Today they still have a lot of unanswered questions.

Cherokee Nation Voter Fraud
Cherokee leaders still don’t address ballot tampering

Humm sounds familiar.

We have questions we would like to ask our election commission (CNEC) and Tribal Council leaders.

Questions such as — “why have known shortcomings in the elections process been allowed to persist for years without being resolved?”

Good question

How about:

“Why has the Cherokee Nation, a billion-dollar entity, continued to contract with an elections company that uses 30-year-old machines and paper ballots housed in easy-to-access plastic bins exactly the same as the EBCI?

“Why hasn’t the elections office been rekeyed, despite the fact that an unknown number of people have keys to the office where blank ballots and other sensitive items are stored?” Including tribal council members.

Why are candidates like Frankie Hargis and Joe Byrd allowed to handle voter ballots?

Which begs another question. Why are there so many absentee voters in Cherokee and Adair counties? And why do they always vote for the same person?

Cherokee law delegates the responsibility for such investigations to the elections board. The board is appointed by the Chief. (we see a pattern) Funding required to carry out an investigation would have to come from Tribal Council.


We encourage you to reach out to tribal council representatives.

Frankie Hargis

1313 S. 3rd Street

Stilwell, OK 74960

(Cell) 918 316 -9454


Joe Byrd

20095 W. Wedgewood Drive

Tahlequah, OK 74464

(Cell) 918 316-9463

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